How Hotel Cleaner Used Toilet Brush To Wash Glass Cups (Video)

Movie star, Eucharia Anunobi took to her social page to narrate how she witnessed a cleaner in her hotel at a church camp, using a toilet brush to wash glass cups.

The actress shared a footage of a journalist who uncovered a hygiene breach in 3 top hotels in Harbin, North-East China as a focal point while she recounted her own experience with the words;

“God always vindicates His own!

Some time late last year, I made a post of how, I physically witnessed a movie production assistant , use a toilet cleaning liquid to wash the plate, I asked him to wash for me and how l also saw a hotel cleaner in one of the hotels at Redeem Camp, where I had gone for a retreat, use the toilet brush to wash the glass cups, people said in comments that l had been economical with the truth.
Isn’t it great to have this video ??
Shame on naysayers always!!!!

Watch Video Below;