Women who receive transport money but refuse to show up can be jailed for up to five years

LADIES who fail to honour meeting arrangements after collecting transport fares from men face the prospect of spending five years in jail for fraud if they are dragged to court according to the Nigerian Police Force (NPF).


Across Nigeria, it is common for men who want to date women to send them transport fares via bank transfers and then await their arrival. However, this arrangement is subject to abuse, especially by people who meet online as the lady could just collect money from a man and fail to show up as arranged.


NPF spokesperson Opetola Badmus, revealed that ladies can now be sued for collecting transport fare from men and refusing to show up at the appointed place. She added that such men can sue ladies who collect their money and refuse to show up under Act 29, Section 132 of the Nigerian Criminal Code.


She advised men to know their rights and fight for it if they’re being deprived by the women in their lives. According to the NPF spokeswoman, any lady charged with such an offence can be jailed for up to five years.