The residents of the university’s male hostel has today, come to the Dean of Students’ Affairs (DSA) office by 7am to make known their
worrisome living conditions.

The students complained about fetching water from a far distance such as: UBA, Access Bank, and health centers to their hostels due to the non-supply of water. Some also make use of rain water to bathe and for other essential things. It was observed that some of the waters from those areas are dirty, which has caused pipe-borne diseases to a resident. This has also made the said student to travel down to Abuja to receive proper treatment.

This situation has caused utter displeasure amongst the students. This made them resolved that they won’t vacate the protest stage until their request is attended to.

The students demand is for the management to make provision for a pumping machine in the male hostel, lest it leads to the school being closed down tomorrow morning.

However, the SU President, Comr.Gbadero Oluwaseyi Habeeb said he has written several letters on the issue. He added that it is going to 3 months now and that they’ve not seen its implementation by making water available in the hostel. He furthered said that the language the management understands is protest and its manifestation, if the students do not act in that line, they won’t answer them.

The students has displayed placards and moved to the Admin Building to make known their grievances. The staff also came out to witness the protest, and no action was seen coming from them.

Meanwhile, the Dean of student affairs(DSA) addressed the students by saying he will meet with the work department and bursary to sort things out. The students declined and that they won’t leave unless something is done to address the situation today. The student said the money needed is not up to #100,000 and there shouldn’t be a delay.

The Chief Security Officer (CSO) also came to warn the students that the DSA will attend to the issue, and that they can leave. But the students didn’t oblige to him.

The DSA then made a call to the Vice Chancellor to inform him about the present situation. The vice chancellor came with other staffs to the DSA office to make his declaration.

The versify V.C, Professor Eddy Olanipekun made it known that he understood the plight of the students and he loved the way the students came with seriousness to raise their voices.

He stated it’s not good at all for them not to have water. He said the funds are not in his hands, and he is not keeping anything. He said if there is no money, he’ll lend them the money to get the pumping machine by 11am and he’ll follow them to the school hostel to commence work. He said by 2pm the water will be ready in the school hostel, in which the students believed. He further said if he didn’t adhere to his promises then the students shouldn’t believe him whenever he says anything subsequently.

The students afterwards left the DSA office to their hostels to await management’s response to the situation and improved access to water.

However, news reaching us has it that as at 12pm today, the water facility has been reinstated.