BBNaija 2019: 7 Things That Happened at Third Saturday Night Party

The third Saturday night party which took place on Saturday, July 20, 2018, had several dramas worth knowing.

In the last two parties, housemates were described as boring and not in sync with the music while some fans wished the ‘Double Wahala’ housemates were returned for parties.

Housemates rocking the third Saturday night party. []

After 21 days in the BBNaija Pepper Dem house, the remaining 17 housemates are beginning to let down their guards.

And last Saturday night party will be a memorable one for housemates.

Here are the seven things that happened at the Saturday night party.

1. Jackye spice up the party

Jackye dancing during the saturday night []

Two days after winning, 1.5 million Naira in the Pepsi Lyrics challenge, Jackye turned up big time. The 23-year-old Anambra indigene remarkably stepped up her partying games. With her dance steps – although dancing for the mirrors for most of the time – and occasional duet with Mike, the Tech girl surprised viewers, Biggie and housemates. 

2. Tuoyo rocks Mercy body on the dance floor

Mercy at the saturday night party []

Tuoyo has become synonymous with his stripping abilities at the Saturday night parties. And Saturday, July 20 was not an exception. After stripping himself off his top, Tuoyo swung into action entertaining viewers, other housemates, and Biggie. While the music went on, Tuoyo decided to rock Mercy and get a feel of what Ike has been protecting. Mercy enjoyed every bit of the dance-romp that lasted several minutes.

3. DJ Lambo raised the ante

For the third Saturday Night party, DJ Lambo was chosen to change the game. With her performance and viewers’ feedback, DJ Lambo raised the Saturday night party ante in the BBNaija Pepper Dem edition. The tune changed as DJ Lambo brought her A-Game on the turntable. The female disc jockey transitioned from one party song to another effortlessly. DJ Xclusive was on hand on the first Saturday night while DJ Big N serenaded housemates, viewers, and Biggie on the second Saturday night.

4. Esther teases Frodd

Esther teases Frodd with some moves during the BBNaija Saturday night party [Twitter/Big Bro Naija]

For the second Saturday in a row, Frodd decided to shoot his shot at Esther again. This time, Esther let her guard down as she teases Frodd during a very short-lived dance. Spotting a tube-jumpsuit short with a flowery pattern, Frodd just couldn’t take his eyes off Esther, who also danced with the stripper, Tuoyo, and Nelson.

5. Ike is jealous and avoids Mercy

Ike having a chat with Tuoyo after his dance with Mercy at the BBNaija Saturday night party [Twitter/Big Bro Naija]

Mercy and Ike affair was recently tested when Ike got jealous over Mercy’s dance-romp with the stripper, Tuoyo. At the Saturday Night Party, Ike couldn’t hide his jealousy when Mercy was seen dancing closely with Tuoyo. This didn’t go down well Ike, who went ahead to chat with Tuoyo over the dance. 

6. Frodd is jealous and loathes Nelson

Sir Dee and Tuoyo tries to calm Fordd down after he got angry that Nelson and Esther were dancing at the Saturday night party

While the Saturday night party seem to be going great, Frodd’s good mood quickly changed to a bad one. Frodd’s bad mood began when Esther curved him and went dancing with Nelson. This move by Esther cut Frodd deeply as he was not himself – from the party and even after the party. It took Sir Dee, who told Frodd to keep his eyes on the prize as it was the ultimate thing they all came for. When Sir Dee met with Nelson to determine if he was the cog in the wheel of love between Esther and Frodd, the ex-Head of House and Mr. Universe Nigeria responded saying, “I can’t force Esther to like him.”

7. Diane succumbs to Tuoyo

Tuoyo rocking Diane on the dance floor during the third Saturday Night Party

Diane succumbed to the stripping and dancing abilities of Tuoyo. After it seems Diane had been left single after she was unable to hook Nelson and Tuoyo began drifting away from her. Miss Yashim had brother-zoned Sir Dee on Sunday, July 14 during the last eviction show and was rejected when Nelson told her that it would best they remain friends. Without a ‘boo,’ Diane was left to dance before Tuoyo, who rocked other female housemates before concentrating on Diane. This brought out a huge smile and joy.