See what Bobrisky did to confuse Nigerians again

In an Instagram post, Bobrisky called himself a SHIM and a lot of people confused. He has been calling himself a baby girl and a beautiful woman for a while now, so why the sudden change?

In a post he made on his Instagram page,  she wrote”Don’t lie o guys….if you don’t know me as boy/ girl (SHIM) on ig. Won’t you toast me ? Look at me standing beside a complete woman and see how I fine die. If say I be woman chai guys go wide my KPEKUS with their big GBOLA

Meanwhile the popular cross dresser is still making plans for her upcoming birthday in August. It likes her expectations  are going according to plan but she has some concerns. Taking to her Instagram, she said “Pretty but getting fat 

. I want stay sexy for my birthday AUGUST 31st. I want all my dress to look hot”

Earlier this year, the Controversial celebrity cross-dresser, unveiled his plans for his upcoming birthday. The self-acclaimed number one male Barbie will clock 28 on August 31, 2019, and he is already making plans for it to be an unforgettable one.

Bobrisky explained on his Instagram page that he is going to be hosting the biggest birthday party ever. According to him, his birthday is going to be a three-day event with the first day being for visiting the orphanage as well as killing of the cow.

On the second day, Bob plans to have his party as well as a club outing for the after party. Finally, the third day is set aside for a beach party. In his caption, the celebrant added that 100 of his fans would be given invites to the event and they would be given passes for a boat cruise on Saturday and Sunday as well as a bottle of champagne.

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