How To Get His Attention

It is quite fascinating, when a lady is so much into a man and willing to do all she can to have him fall in love with her. Competition may get tougher in the midst of competitors. How then do you win this race? Did you try tactical strategies to have his attention? Did it work the way you expected? This piece serves you with varieties of ways to make him yours. Relax and read to know the basic tips to hunt for his attention.

Be Affable

Every man feels comfortable around women who are friendly and fun to be with. Help him try out interesting games and adventures (going on tour).

Be attractive

Guys are easily attracted to beautiful and neat ladies. Try to appear decent and attractive anytime you are to meet him. Use floral perfumes to hook his nose. Do not change your body perfumes, stick to one perfume in order to make him identify you as he gets closer. Remember, good personal hygiene attracts.

Let your values raise awareness

At this stage most women find it confusing to let her values do the talking. Letting your values raise awareness doesn’t mean you should talk too much to impress him. Men love ladies who are decisive, strong, deep thinkers, good cooks, hardworking and any other positive attitude that comes into mind.

Be real

Don’t pretend, be true to yourself. Let him know who you really are. Don’t adjust your attitude to suit him. Be confident around him. Do not let his presence intimidate you.

Tell him what you like about him

Keep reminding him about the things that gets you attracted to him. Let him feel like a super human with your sweet touching words of admiration, perhaps his appearance or masculine features, perfume, smiles and others. Look into his eyes directly without being destructed. Whisper softly when necessary. Believe this, after parting ways the whisper and soft touch around his ears would continue to ring bells in his memories.

Respect him

In general, men love to be respected. Men look out for women who love them but would choose women who respect them over love. Respect and assist him in his weakness.

Let it work, there you have him by yourself.