Some do it for the sake of art, some do it to shock, some do it to ride a wrecking ball. Whatever the reason, people shed their skivvies for music videos. Shocking or sensual, animalistic or artsy… There are lots of reasons for n#dity in a music video but for a lady to bare all for the sake of music — someone else’s at that?? That takes guts.

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N#de ladies on mask were seen dancing to Naira Marley’s controversial new song “Soapy” which has sparked a lot of reactions among fans. Recall that he has been blasted for his new dance, “Soapy” by Nigerians and popular Nigerian dancer, Kaffy as he defended himself.

Fans who reacted to this video are surprised women could go n*ked for a dance video. Many of them were shocked at the ladies for degrading themselves. Here are some comments gathered:

iamdancoco: Jealousy want kill them haterz because them no get wild fans. Marlian hot.”

tosynetee: Y are they covering face na. If they are proud and dong care them suppose show face. Radarada.”

saniyo_official: @nairamarley Insha allah EFCC will catch you again. Bcoz you disgracing and disrespecting humanity this girls. Earlier I’m your fans. but right now I’m a big enemy of you. Damnnnnn.”

principledjustice: I saw five living things standing and only one is a female. No lady in there! Why can’t people promote immortality? All in the name of money or fame. This is heartbreaking…. I have to unfollow u @nairamarley.”

iamdamilosky: Nawa o! Look at people’s wives here. Imagine growing up to later find your mom was in this video. Inside life!”

candy_pearlyy: This soapy madness is getting out of hand oh…now i see reasons with aunty kaffy. Must galz go n#de to please naira marley or.. I’m disgusted man.’

official_betterdayz7: They should have not free this guy. If this is how he want to be corrupting our Nigeria youth with his meaningless songs. He need to go back to jail. Cant Nigeria just try and copy from Americas? What kind of rubbish songs is this?”

entitymcccathyjoseph: You are a failure and you have failed this our generation. Look at what you are doing with our precious women… these girls are gonna be people’s future wife tomorrow… you have a sister, a mother and nieces right ? I have nothing to tell u… if u are not careful, next prison awaits.”